The JPAS service was delivered according to the following phases:

  1. Developing a PoC (proof of concept) solution
    1. Qualifications – value: underqualified yes/no
      All jobs which are intended for non-university students/graduates must be filtered out.
    2. Experience level – value: years of experience, numerical.
      Determine how many years of experience a job description requires. The purpose of this field is to filter out jobs for senior candidates.
  2. Developing the Extraction of Company and Location
    1. Company – value: any company name known to man. This can be a match from words in the job description, URL and so on. In many cases it is a given, provided by a specific web crawler.
    2. Location – value: country/region/city – any available source which can be used for reference. It must be identified where a given job is located, not just where the corporate headquarters is located.
  3. Developing the Extraction of Job Type and Job Category
    1. Job type – value: fixed parameters, Internship, Full-time, Graduate program, PhD/Research, Thesis, Part-time, Temporary, Project. Identify the job type, to make it possible for candidates to search, and ultimately apply for the type of job they are interested in.
    2. Job Category – value: fixed parameters, egg. Administration, Lega, Sales, Business, IT and so on. Perform a high-level categorization of all relevant jobs.
  4. Developing the Extraction of Key words Keywords – value: Plain text
    All jobs have keywords which can be used to match student CV’s and user-profiles. These
    keywords must be saved.