The service was delivered according to the following phases:

  1. Developing a user tracking desktop application
  2. Developing backend service for the user tracking desktop application
  3. Developing a client facing web application in which the users can view tracking results.

Project included the following deliverables:

  1. Client desktop application (CDA) for MS Windows 10/11 operating system and Apple IOS that will enable following functionalities: User login, Selection of Organization and Current task, Tracking Start/Stop option, Aggregated tracking of events (keyboard, mouse, screenshot), Secure and stable delivery of data to backend service (data caching in case of lost connectivity)
  2. Backend service (BS) for client data delivery: Separate application that provides API for CDAs instances and it can be scaled horizontally
  3. Customer facing web application (WA) – portal that contains the following modules: Login page, Registration page, Organization administration, Project administration, User membership administration, Activity overview, User activity session overview, Timesheet report form and overview, Project transparency (hidden projects), Client download page, Consultant ranking.

There was one extra phase that included:

  • Evaluation of tool and preparing for test phase
  • Alignment of tool with market demands
  • Setting tool for delivery phase.